Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vow to be Fabulous!

Click to see the enlarged photo! The sleeves are to die....
Now I want to learn me some Italian and move to Madrid.
This photo is of my friend's niece right after her wedding.
Fast times call for creative activities. Like designing your own wedding dress. Hott!

Two in the Gold, Three in the Silver

They left for a minute, but I knew they'd be back. Meanwhile, I would've already had one if I could actually find one simple enough to be $10 or less. These are getting crafty, baby!

Rising It-Girl

On the scene she dresses like a goddess. A funky one at times... but still - WOWZZA!

Now if only there were more pictures of her IN clothes than out of them...



Is it humanly possible to be this goregeous naturally?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Break

Now... Idk.
This is just depressing.
No wonder American Girls have such a weight complex.
This girl needs to get to eating that pop... cause thats just unhealthy, really.
(love the clothes though :D)

Clydesdale Wedges

Wanted in the worst way....

BleachBlack Inspired

I love you for the ideas... you are making my winter wardrobe cheaper by the day!
Believe me that is a good thing for this broke motha

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going Gaga

Say whatever you like about her...

I think she is fabulous!


Showin' some Pat love....
I love you Patrick Swayze! Rest in Peace xoxo

Is it a wedge? Is it a heel? Its a Hedgel? Who the eff cares, I love it!
Ultimate Cool
Remind me to check out if these boots are still for sale at UO
Cause they're BANGIN'!

A long time ago, but somehow in the future, on galaxy pants far far away...
Nylon Art
Its an obsession, I know.... I have an Alexa Chung abuse problem now.
Kinga Burza = beautiful babe