Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Access the In-Accessible

I've been evicted from my 3 month slump. Somehow I've managed to stay positive. No surprise, its due to my amazing boyfriend and his support system of love and humor. Thank you baby!
And thank you Universe for throwing me optimism in this hell-on-earth I call the Tri-State area. I love ya, but damn. Nevertheless, the bone is appreciated.
Life is good; better than ever. I can't pretend to have done it all on my own, though. While the actions have been mine, I couldn't have kept my sanity without help. New York is tough. Keeping my cool in a city that wishes to eat you alive rather than have you over for dinner, is tougher. My sweet, southern personality, while refreshing and charming at times, is perceived as naive and quickly being replaced by cynicism and a hard outer shell. Short breaths of smog and cigarettes and remind me why I'm here again...oh yea. I can't get enough.