Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh Edward! Yes.... YES!

Let me make something perfectly clear. The only reason I am coming forth with this obsession confession is because I can't take it anymore. I want my own personal Edward Cullen. He is so deliscious and untouchable, that it drives me mad.
Breathe Heather, Breathe...
I mean COME ON! Look at this face!
God, I just can't take it...
Its the Twilight bullshit that does it to me. Not Robert Pat. Edward.
The way he kisses Bella in the movie, how it drives him to insanity because he wants to devour her.
Why can't that be me!?
Ok, I'm done. Thanks for listening.

Fabulous In Black

Oh... yessss ma'm
I love how sharp and fem she looks.
Which reminds me... gotta break out the hair color this weekend. Mama's got a brand new bag!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Random Post

This is the snazziest bathroom I've ever seen.

I love sexy, dark haired, scruffy guys now; fuck the red-head syndrome. They are nothing but trouble!

Aw honey, I know.... I know.

Karl Lagerfeld - the Happy Dinosaur

What my Saturday nights used to look like...

Yea! :D
Happy Weekend!

Ida Sjöstedt

"Whether building lace bodysuits, over the top chiffonaise wedding dresses or disco inspired cocktail gowns Ida’s work is wonderfully girly and what she calls “tastefully kitsch”. That is to say that each piece is deliberately exaggerated, conceptually and often volumetrically too. The overall effect gives you something of a European Harajuku Girl which ends up being, well, surprisingly wearable."


As far as I'm concerned... you have to really know your shit to get away with wearing this lace bodysuit. Either way, its fabulous!

SHOP Ida Sjöstedt at Pixie Market.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Center Me!

Seems to me like I've been getting a tad off-base lately. But there is just so much more to life than fashion....
Well, there is!
Getting settled into my new apartment now, super ciked.
Now I just have to arrange the bedroom for ultimate bliss.
So this weekend is laundry and lovin some On Demand with my new cable situation.
Be Jealous!

Baby Baby

"Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver, the photographers behind the new book “Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland,” reveal how they capture such precious and perfect images of tiny infants."

I have never seen something soooooooooo freaking, unbelievably cute in my entire life. Seriously, this makes my heart just melt. I want a baby! Wait... scratch that.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


"Luzinterruptus is an anonymous artistic group who carries out urban interventions in public spaces and they are the shit.

The group of three comes from different disciplines: art, lighting and photography and use light as a raw material and the dark as our canvas. They began on the streets of Madrid at the end of 2008 with the simple idea of focusing people´s attention by shedding light on problems they found in cities that seem to go unnoticed to the authorities and citizens."


I will also be sharing this anonymous artwork on Strange Candy very soon. There is so much more to it!
Thank you Geri!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Free Ride

  I will be playing with those purple, blue and pink spray cans of hair color this summer.
You can bet your sweet bottoms on it!
Nothing like dirty, aesthetic, satisfaction...
Model: Hailey Clauson

Vogue Korea

The End?

`I love finding new DIYs.
On a less positive note...have you been feeling a little doom and gloom lately?
I'm telling you... the end is near. We're definitely in for it.
Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes waking up after hundreds of years? 
This is only the beginning.
So be as creative and adventurous as possible!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Style Stalker

I am obsessed with Style Stalker now thanks to a fellow blogger at Love More!
Above: Tough Love Top - $179.00

Party of Many-Ones

There is nothing prettier than watching your own relationship end. It’s another story for you to tell on the bus on your way to see the woman who made you, on Mother’s Day. That’s all it is. That’s all it was. You need to start training again for the amount of partying that you’re about to dive into. God, who invented the Frozen Margarita? You owe them your life right now. Take a whiff. “The End” has a very particular smell to it. What a perfume! It’s beautiful, it smells alot like “The Beginning”. But, it may take you a few days to notice. Right now you’re just watching the choreography. The phone calls taper off, the disagreements flare up, restaurants become difficult to choose and the “flirt meter” when you’re out with friends gets so easy to defend. It feels like high school again, the only time in your life where hurting so bad felt so good and music sounded better because of it, and junk food was fascinatingly nourishing. The days when a lake was not just a lake. No, it was a body of water with all of the answers. The silent ride home becomes… deep inspiration for the poem you’re writing on your arm for your secret online diary. No one understands you, you pretend, and there’s all this snot in your nose and you blow it out like a movie you saw where the dude was cool and right now you don’t care, like he didn’t care. When you finally hear the words “I don’t think this is working” you pantomime a kiss to the sky and you let your left brain do the talking as your right brain rejoices because you are free, finally free, from all of this pretender bullshit and you’re back on the path to fulfilling what you were put on this planet to do.

-Merlin Bronques