Friday, November 19, 2010

Bull Pin

Where to begin!? Ah, there is so much to discuss, my friends. I have been a busy girl.
First things first, I'm at work... and this will already be scattered, so brace yourself for the A.D.D. ride. Its fun, I promise.
I'm sitting here listening to my new favorite county station as I'm checking the run-through. I think I might be the only girl in the world who feels like that totally fits. Maybe I should be listening to MGMT or Crystal Castles with the new Erin Wasson spread. I just like how the grunge setting in the photos fits the twang in the music. Its perfect! 
Craig and I are taking a trip to VA in one week and 3 or so days! Bet your sweet tooshies I'm ciked! That would also explain the county-kickin' mood I've been in. Two short weeks of work back-to-back!
Everything is slowly but surely coming together in my life. No more crying. No more drama... crazy ex-girls aside, and I'm already wayyy ahead of myself in my head.
I've met the perfect guy, again. Meaning I've known him forever. Fate is funny...
The best part about my present situation, is the fact that I actually feel younger than I used to. I used to be all serious, stressed, and taking things for granted. Like my age. The more aware I become of my surroundings, the more I realize... I'm 23! Bring it on!
I feel just right and that I've totally found my place in the world. For now... Who knows where life will take us?
You heard right... I said "us."
Just because I'm a free bitch, doesn't mean I'm not committed. :D
And he is all the adventure I need.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rings & Fuzz

The best part of winter is the FAUX FUZZ!
Throw in a grunge cap and some stone, sparkle, and spike...

Monday, November 1, 2010


I never get tired of visiting 5 inch and up. A blogging sensation after only a few weeks of posting. This chic's got it!

Bed Style

My favorite subject to blog about besides Fashion... is a big, comfy bed!
While I love bohemian-french-country mix in every other room... warm animal prints and white white white everything make me want to hop on my cloud and take a cat nap.
The above picture is no exception!
Thanks etc... for posting such great misc. photographs.