Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Somedays Lovin'

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 Sophistication... in killer heels.

Buff it, Baby!

Lets face it, not all of us are built like supermodels. Plus its a little late (BUT not too too late) to have Jillian Michaels whoop our asses into gear for June. So Garance Dore, one of my favorite go-to blogs, has a little check-list to keep our sanity while swim suit shopping. Click the link and...

Oui Oui - Undiz!

OOOOh La la~! Fafinettes, its our favorite graffiti girl. Since my absence from the blogging world... Fafi has been busy. First off, Cool Cats moved - You can now visit blog here!
Secondly, she has created her own underwear line with Undiz. Here are some of my favorites below... and there are even some for your manz!

Beautifully Flawed

Dirty Flaws never disappoints.

Ring Tarot




Sandra Hagelstam

Some of my favorite looks, from one of my favorite bloggers


Bonjour Babies!

Its been so long, hasn't it?
I've taken a queue from 4th and Bleeker, and decided to re-introduce myself. I've sent out business cards to some special friends but here is a little about myself for any new arrivals:  
 I'm from Portsmouth, VA

Favorite designers: Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Cynthia Rowley.
Style mantra: Fuck it!
I admire Christine Centenera, My grandma, and Bette Midler. 
Always believe.
Never try. Just do!
It's the worst when I'm stuck in my head.
Sometimes I daydream of the afterlife, or skipping from one dimension to the next.
I want to be everything!
I'm upset when I give something my all, and its just not good enough.
I'll always want more from myself.
I regret wearing nothing.
Stripes: are perfect when worn vertical.
White jeans: always.
Vintage is my middle name.
Men's shirts: button-ups - accessorize. baggy tees - with leggings and chunky heels
Sneakers: what?
Heels are forever.
Platform shoes: yes, please!
Dots go with mommy jeans.
Lipstick: do I have to go there?
Center parted hair: preferred
My favorite color is mint or peach
Suits are for anyone.
The best outfit I ever wore was well, I don't think I've worn it yet.
I like when boys wear ripped clothes and messy hair with beards.
I hate when girls wear ten sizes too small.
Everyone should wear a smile!
Barney's: never been.
Bergdorf's: is pretty from the outside, lol.
Opening Ceremony: is genius!

Steal from your father his vintage Batman T-shirt and his Dodge Demon.
I'm (not so secretly) secretly addicted to Swedish movies/books/music. It just happens that way...
Don't listen to your mother about politics or religion.
Uptown is where the rich play.
Downtown is where magic is waiting around every corner.
Screw: "Friends" who ditch you.
The musician with the best style is Florence Welsch.
I wish I could afford my rent.
The best thing I ever bought was my mint Lennon shades from Aldo's Accessories.
Everyday I'm daydreaming.