Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bonjour Babies!

Its been so long, hasn't it?
I've taken a queue from 4th and Bleeker, and decided to re-introduce myself. I've sent out business cards to some special friends but here is a little about myself for any new arrivals:  
 I'm from Portsmouth, VA

Favorite designers: Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Cynthia Rowley.
Style mantra: Fuck it!
I admire Christine Centenera, My grandma, and Bette Midler. 
Always believe.
Never try. Just do!
It's the worst when I'm stuck in my head.
Sometimes I daydream of the afterlife, or skipping from one dimension to the next.
I want to be everything!
I'm upset when I give something my all, and its just not good enough.
I'll always want more from myself.
I regret wearing nothing.
Stripes: are perfect when worn vertical.
White jeans: always.
Vintage is my middle name.
Men's shirts: button-ups - accessorize. baggy tees - with leggings and chunky heels
Sneakers: what?
Heels are forever.
Platform shoes: yes, please!
Dots go with mommy jeans.
Lipstick: do I have to go there?
Center parted hair: preferred
My favorite color is mint or peach
Suits are for anyone.
The best outfit I ever wore was well, I don't think I've worn it yet.
I like when boys wear ripped clothes and messy hair with beards.
I hate when girls wear ten sizes too small.
Everyone should wear a smile!
Barney's: never been.
Bergdorf's: is pretty from the outside, lol.
Opening Ceremony: is genius!

Steal from your father his vintage Batman T-shirt and his Dodge Demon.
I'm (not so secretly) secretly addicted to Swedish movies/books/music. It just happens that way...
Don't listen to your mother about politics or religion.
Uptown is where the rich play.
Downtown is where magic is waiting around every corner.
Screw: "Friends" who ditch you.
The musician with the best style is Florence Welsch.
I wish I could afford my rent.
The best thing I ever bought was my mint Lennon shades from Aldo's Accessories.
Everyday I'm daydreaming.

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