Friday, March 27, 2009


These times are non-existent in my days, so I just hope that all you girls out there have someone that appreciates you. Its rare and prevalent to find a man that will be there and stand up for you that also isn't crazy or hard up for your financial support.
Appreciate your man-friends ladies. They're hard to come by and they love you!

Party Girl

Yeah baby. Tonight, I have decided to bake cupcakes and drink wine. Now I know what you're thinking..."Umm, Heather...didn't you promise not to have a drop of alcohol till summertime?" The answer is yes. But its Friday and its been 3 weeks exactly. I feel I deserve a little fun and 1 night a month of indulgence won't kill me. The fact that I made the decision and stuck with it for almost a month tells me that I can stop whenever I want. I am not dependant and that makes me feel good.
Especially since my friends all thought that this Party Girl wouldn't last a week! :D

You Go Girl

I love seeing her with a smile on her face.
I'm not going to pretend to know how that whole Chris Brown incident went down. But I do know that the picture I saw was horrendous and I can't listen to his music anymore.
On a lighter note...her new tats are hott!

I can see!

Well, at least in a few days. I got an eye exam and fitted for glasses today. Thank the UNIVERSE!
I couldn't afford ones as cute as the picture, but they are still soooo cute.
I can't wait to get them!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jolly Good!

Get It Done

I love all different versions of the above.
I digress...
So anyways, I'm thinking of saving some money by washing my clothes in the bathtub today. Along with finally taking care of those DIY projects (or at least one) since I'm not working today. :P

Now time for some much needed RANDOM-NESS!
ffffound: I want this bed!

found on milk - go figure. While I may not have big important meetings lately, my cat has been up my toosh every night since my lay-off. So I guess the above caption should read, "I kno u has noffin to do right now but seep, but iz 2am, feed me."

found on LNP: LMAO! I mean, how can you not laugh at his facial expression.

ooh yeah. Guess who is lucky enough to have a best friend who is the indian version of her and eva mendes put together?

I would totally trot along the beach wearing this. Except in a deep purple color with my long ass brown hair.

While I wouldn't want to change my new Hippie's Digs, I would love to introduce them to the "Modern Day Hippie" and her favorite hippie inspired clothing... Maybe I'll ease it in with some lube via wearing it to work.

Other Bitches Just Front

Before I head into my rant for today, I just have to give the Most Official Bitch of all, Leah, a big cyber kiss for collaborating with Jessy Kennedy AKA The Night Rider on this T.
Now on to Mob Living.
Among the most entertaining of blogs I subscibe daily, I came across many Jersey-hating entries. While this wouldn't involve me 3 years ago, I am now an official bitch of "Dirty Jersey."
Might want to think about all the trash you're talking about Jersey Girls seeing as how we buy your merch too. I mean, most Jersey Girls look up to City Girls because they are living it up in our favorite city. We are also hard working, career girls who like to party just as hard and love just as long.
Jersey may not be as exciting and cultural as NYC but We love It. And like you say, any Other Bitches Just Front if they say otherwise.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yes, Man!

Today is my first day training at the Hippie Shop!
If you want to visit them online, here's the link:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Red Hott

Jasper Conran

Our Darling Julia

I thought it would be a nice change of pace in my blog if I posted about my generation's classic beauties. I think I might make it a Monday tradition.
While it is nice to see the original lovelies dancing the pages of every blog today, why not pay homage to the ones twenty-somethings grew up with, such as Julia Roberts.
With legs that go on forever, a big toothy smile, and warm sensual eyes she is the perfect candidate!

How Lovely to Be a Woman

Meet Marisa Cristina Ferdenzi...

When I first saw the new Wal-Mart commercial on TV I was like, thats my new song!
Turns out all the baby boomers are feeling nostalgic because of it. It was originally sung by Ann Margaret (?) in Bye Bye Birdie.
But Marisa sings the version in the new commercial for Wal-Mart and I get all giddy when it comes on now. It makes me want to put on makeup and prance around the house. I just love her voice and she is cute as a button!
I am also sad to know that you cannot find the video ANYWHERE! the best I can do is leave you with her myspace url...the commercial is posted on her page.
Best believe its going up on my blog as soon as I find it!