Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do Me Good

After posting so many hot chics on my blog, I'll admit I'm starting to miss a manly essence.

So here are some of my favorites.

#1 - Jared Leto: Oh baby! Universe forbid if I ever had a moment alone with this man. I would lick and bite every inch.

#2 - Jake Gyllenhaal: I would have posted more pictures of him but then I'd probably get carried away with his hunkiness. Yum! But I wouldn't go for it with him, I love Reese too much.

#3- James McAvoy - This is the type of man I'd end up marrying. He has totally stolen my heart over the past couple months. In "The Last King of Scotland" there was something about him that made it completely impossible for me not to fall in love with him.

#4 - Timothy Olyphant: I would make out with him endlessly. No sex, just full on lip/tongue action. And some dry humping. Maybe some wet humping too. Yeah, I'd get naked. Ok, the end.

#5 - Gael Garcia Bernal: The cutest ass on the planet. Motorcycle Diaries is a must see. A first date guy in my book. And maybe first base.

#6 - Christian Bale: Not only did he play my favorite superhero, he played it very well. He can pull off bad boy, but he is so clean cut and perfect that I'd probably end up getting drunk with him, having sex, and then not calling him ever again for fear of being too forward and not good enough.

#7: David Hyde Pierce: What a cutie! I just like to watch him in action. Although I've heard rumors that he is gay. I don't think so... He was just fancy enough on Frasier to be metrosexual.

#8 - Barack Hussein Obama - Totally crush-worthy. His personality is genuine and he was totally a bad boy back in the day. Which makes him HOTT!

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