Thursday, March 19, 2009

DIY Project Ideas

Of course Handes would be first! These jeans have a look, I hear, that is simple as pie to create - just throw jeans in tub, splash some bleach on desired areas to be affected, and keep and eye on them. Toss in washer and Vuala!

Inspired by BleachBlack - I've been stewing on this DIY for a couple weeks now. I was thinking of attempting this before I saw hers but I wasn't sure how I wanted to recreate it - either with a stencil and black spray paint (5 preview-ish) or freehand it!

Also from BleachBlack - The burn holes are from cigarettes, but she says you could use incense. As long as the tool you are using creates that ash effect. I'm not going to practice on a RVCA shirt though, thats for sure.

For anyone in the West who is interested in some free inspiration... look this up!

Babousa? I can't remember how its spelled but they have some sassy looks for late summer. I'd call this skirt a DIY just because I'm already half way there with a skirt I made for my fafi costume last halloween. I just have to add on some studs.

I'll update on their progress, though I'm not sure if I can get pictures up as of yet.

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