Monday, March 23, 2009

How Lovely to Be a Woman

Meet Marisa Cristina Ferdenzi...

When I first saw the new Wal-Mart commercial on TV I was like, thats my new song!
Turns out all the baby boomers are feeling nostalgic because of it. It was originally sung by Ann Margaret (?) in Bye Bye Birdie.
But Marisa sings the version in the new commercial for Wal-Mart and I get all giddy when it comes on now. It makes me want to put on makeup and prance around the house. I just love her voice and she is cute as a button!
I am also sad to know that you cannot find the video ANYWHERE! the best I can do is leave you with her myspace url...the commercial is posted on her page.
Best believe its going up on my blog as soon as I find it!

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