Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get It Done

I love all different versions of the above.
I digress...
So anyways, I'm thinking of saving some money by washing my clothes in the bathtub today. Along with finally taking care of those DIY projects (or at least one) since I'm not working today. :P

Now time for some much needed RANDOM-NESS!
ffffound: I want this bed!

found on milk - go figure. While I may not have big important meetings lately, my cat has been up my toosh every night since my lay-off. So I guess the above caption should read, "I kno u has noffin to do right now but seep, but iz 2am, feed me."

found on LNP: LMAO! I mean, how can you not laugh at his facial expression.

ooh yeah. Guess who is lucky enough to have a best friend who is the indian version of her and eva mendes put together?

I would totally trot along the beach wearing this. Except in a deep purple color with my long ass brown hair.

While I wouldn't want to change my new Hippie's Digs, I would love to introduce them to the "Modern Day Hippie" and her favorite hippie inspired clothing... Maybe I'll ease it in with some lube via wearing it to work.

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