Friday, February 13, 2009


I made a trip to Barnes and Noble today to pick up a copy of MKA's biography, but they were sold out. I asked if I can order a copy and the two representatives looked at each other, like I had seven heads.

"What'd I miss?" I say.

"The publisher recalled all the copies of the book this morning until further notice."

"Oh.....WHAT!?" "But I need this book! You don't understand..."

"Sorry but theres nothing we can do."

I guess thats it then. I mean, what is a girl to do? If I had stepped in the door like an hour before, I'd have a recalled copy. For those of you that already have the book, you have an original. You never know what they're going to change in it. Or if it will be released again at all.

And that makes me sad.

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