Friday, February 27, 2009

Un-Birthday Crazies!

If all goes according to plan, which isnt much of a plan at all, I should be seeing my girls for the first time in like......FOREVER!

Being an adult kinda sux. What I'd give for the good ole' days when life was simple and full of sin.
Either way, my cares are ooozing out my ears and eyes tonight. I'm going to PARTY!

Little updates and cute finds before I leave you today:

Finally got myself a pair of THESE!

I've been spazing over these gladiators for quite sometime. And what do you know?! I find them at Mandees for $50. Last pair... My size.

Fate? I think so!

Now I just have to put together a last minute outfit to go with. I might be rockin' these in the city, if I feel froggy.


Besides these cute ass label shirts from Chanel... Their spring dresses are so lacey and romantic. I'll have to find them to post.


I'll conclude with this hott ass picture of Kate. I love how grungie and raw everything in fashion has become. Its totally my style, which is why I feel I MUST HAVE EVERYTHING now. Or start my own line... Summer project maybe. But I hate sewing machines, or at least learning how to use one. So I'll just sew everything by hand. Fun...

Happy Friday!

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