Thursday, November 26, 2009


This year I am cooking for Mike and I... but that doesn't mean there aren't some girls out there on their own this year with a full guestlist, trying to conquer the 'ultimate culinary achievement'!
So here are some tips from November's MARIE CLAIRE.
Top Chef's Stefan Richter's Thanksgiving Tips -
  • Keep the Menu simple - "If you make 18 different items, you're going to serve a bunch of shit" he says. "Make five really well instead of 20 half-crappy ones.
  • Use fresh herbs
  • Don't cook the bird all day - "Instead of the typical 275 degrees for eight hours for a 12-16 lb turkey, which makes the bird 'dry as shoe leather,' says Richter, "cook at 500 degrees for 30 minutes to get some nice color, then bring it down to 350 for two and a half hours. You'll have the perfect turkey!"
  • Think Cheap! - "Find a wine for $3 a bottle like Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck, I drink it," says Richter, - "its a runoff of a beautiful winery"

Celebrity Hosting Secrets-

  • "I have people come over while I'm still preparing, that way it feels more casual." - Zooey Deschanel, actress/singer
  • Make it a pilgrim costume party and try not to get too smashed! (lmao) - Betsey Johnson, fashion designer

Holiday Tip: Remodel for the Day - Genevieve Gorder transforms your teeny studio into an entertaining oasis!

  • Layering old beautiful bedding, like a worn velvet throw over a cheap linen tablecloth is a great look. Think rustic-chic instead of the matchy-matchiness of your mom's stuff.
  • Nice plates? ...scour thift stores...Ebay...Etsy has quirky homemade ceramics. And of course the classic white plate is about a buck at Ikea. But have fun with your table scape! Embrace imperfection. Let it be a little tongue-in-cheek.
  • Multitask your furniture in ways your wouldn't normally...For seating, use a couch for one side of the table. Then you can drag in old folding chairs, the hall bench, whatever! Having an eclectic group of seats means that guests can find the style of chair that suits their personality.
  • Lighting - its all about dim light. When people come in and there are candles and the lights are down, people immediately start acting more relaxed. And you want this to be an affair where everyone wants to lay around your house till midnight...If its too bright, people get irritated and it doesn't look as good. Period. When you go into a restaurant that is over-lit, you immediately think fast food, and thats not what we're going for after that many hours spent in the kitchen!

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