Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Fox Bandwagon

I was flipping through my now bought off the shelf from Walgreens (thank you!) Nylon Mag. when I realized who was on the cover. I had read earlier in their weekly newsletter that Megan Fox was their newest IT girl and I got a little worried.
I thought, all it takes to become an IT girl is to be in a $700 million dollar movie? Wow, I'm on my way!
Of course, there is more to Miss Fox than meets the eye. Yes she is hot, yes she can act, yes yes yes, she is outgoogled and almost played out on the internet. But this chic has style. She likes the T's. She likes the jeans, she likes the horn rimmed glasses. To top it off, she is being interviewed for Nylon. They usually know how to keep it real, so I read on.
During the interview, she mentions that she grew up practically brainwashed by her town (along the Bible Belt). Being "a part" of something so judgemental and hypocritical can make you feel like you have no freedom whatsoever. No wonder she has no problem saying whatever the fuck is on her mind. You would too if you finally had the freedom to do it. Not to mention the fact that you have a chica-billion ears wide open and ready to listen!
As for being bisexual, well its true to a certain degree... but she believes that sexuality isn't so black and white. Being with a girl (in ZsuZsu's opinion) is just something you were trying on if you never did it before, or you had thought about it a little too much and classified yourself as gay or bisexual. That doesn't mean you would necessarily only like one sex or the other. Its all about the person. I can totally stand by her feelings on this as I feel like they're my own.
If you read between the lines, despite her appearance, Megan acts somewhat masculine. Burping in her T-shirt in the middle of a sentence and wiping her nose on her sleeve. To me, thats as real as you get. And its totally hot!
Figuring in all this, she dresses not unlike other starlets out there. But there is something else in her eyes that makes me think, Megan Fox is full of surprises. And I can't wait for whats next!

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