Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Beginning

Hello Dream! I thought I had woken up long ago
Oh, if I could only express the way I'm feeling today.
I had applied to FIT in New York at the beginning of Fall this year.
Today, I find out that I've been accepted.
....and crying over my lunch.
All you Alumni out there probably think I'm being silly getting this excited. You've been there, have a chosen career, and/or are raising families. 
Thing is, I was up against a world of fashion fanatics in one of the busiest cities in the world. (Thanks for reminding me MoMo)
And I made it! 
I'm feeling pretty awesome.
On a side note: I'd like to give thanks to all my haters back in 2005. Thanks for making me feel shitty enough to leave VA. Thanks for telling me I'd never go to college in New York. Thank you Thank you! Cause without you, I'd probably take it all for granted. 
Crazy-ass Heather is going to college in EFFING NYC!
Suck it!

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