Monday, December 12, 2011

Tub Trash

Nothing is more vulnerable than a fully clothed chick in an empty bathtub with glitter and messy hair. But as a member of the wasted youth and Gen-X, I could not give a left ta-ta. I digress...
My point in posting about this, is that its everywhere. Life as a teen and young adult is rough. Promiscuity has taken over America's youth. Why? Well, its easy.
There is nothing to care about but superficial bullshit. College is too expensive and a waste of time and money. Because of the economy, jobs are scarce even with a degree. (I'm hoping it will be different by the time I graduate!) Women outnumber men in the United States, so men can now be picky. The odds of a woman catching the "good catch" in their age group is beat. They're either players or dirtbags or chasing women half their age (;). So whats stopping women from looking and acting like hookers? Nothing! Its no longer frowned upon. And if it is, the pressures of being successful and happy outweigh the social status quo. Not to mention, marriage is out the window for the smart, conservative types; they want their career and they want it forever. Why break your back and the bank caring for a family when its now the norm for a woman to put herself first.
Young girls are either settling way too early or learning to fend for themselves by making the poo-nanni available whenever duty calls. Plus they were most likely raised by parents who were teens in the 90's and lets be honest with ourselves, the late 90's was a ode to the late 60's. "Free love" was replaced by "Don't worry be happy." No wonder these kids are careless. What have they got to lose really? A future-less future?
Being one of the young ladies just missing the boat on worryless wounds, I got a chance to sit back and observe my direction. I have to say, I'm not necessarily concerned. Life will not cease to exist... but roles are bound to change. The shift has begun... and the only thing left to question is what will the next generation have in store?

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