Friday, December 30, 2011

Changing Times

Its amazing how my taste in clothing and style has evolved so far.
As a kid, I pranced around in pink, frilly dresses and cowboy boots.
When I was in 3rd grade, I had a huge green sweater that I buried myself in daily.
Middle school was long black skirts with slits up the sides paired with chunky, knee-high boots and velvet tanks with chinese writing.
High school was a mix of ghetto/goth/hippie. Multicolored short hair greased up with Murray's, Harley shirts, jeans with bondage straps hanging from each side and combat boots.
The in-between school and a year ago is harder to pin, but I think my wardrobe consisted of clubwear or t-shirts and jeans with Tims. One extreme or the other.
Either way, I would have never picked out Nicole's dress back-in-the-day. Now... I love it. I used to hate anything but the absence of color. Today, earth tones and subtle shimmers have taken over my face and clothing. If its not urban, hippie-chic, I won't wear it.
*I don't know if I'll ever do neon brights. I'm just not diggin' it yet.*  
Whats different for you? ;)

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